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We have 15 years of extensive experience in the data recovery job and can recover your lost important data from cameras. Our experts can assist you in the recovery of your data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Camera Media Recovery

Software Fault £149

2-3 Days

Mechanical Fault£199

2-3 Days

Critical Service £495

1 Day

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Storage and Read Errors in Camera Memory Card:

It is small in size but can consist a lot of data. It is developed in such a way that you can use it on different devices like PCs, laptops, smartphones, cameras and more. Like other storage devices, the memory card can also suffer from different issues, and you can lose your data permanently. This has the EPROM chip. Firmware errors can damage the EPROM.

Memory Card and Damage in Its Circuitry:

There are numbers of intricate circuitries presented in the camera memory card, and it carries information and instruction. It also controls the read and writes speed. Circuitry damage can damage the memory card, leaving you with a dead memory card. We can recover the data from the memory card with our advanced data recovery software.

Electronic Components Failure in Memory Card:

Even though these are small in size, they carry various electrical components, just like other hard drives have. Those components can face issues anytime, and memory card will cease working. A power surge can lead to memory card failure. Our experts know how to solve such issues and can get back your data from damaged memory card.

Sluggish Performance of Memory Card:

A new memory card always works fast. You will get decent read and write speed. Well, like other hard drives it also faces the degradation. After that, you will get sluggish performance. It will take a longer time to open a file or image. It can also stop working suddenly. We have engineers who have 15 years of experience in recovering data from memory card. They will do their best to retrieve all your data in time.

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