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We have 15 years of extensive experience in the data recovery job and can recover your lost important data from Windows PCs. Our experts can assist you in the recovery of your data that might otherwise be considered lost.
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Common Hard Drive Issues in Personal Computer:

A Personal computer can be used at both home and office. You can use PC for many purposes, and one PC can work on many hard drives. You can upgrade its hardware and hard drive configuration anytime. Before changing a hard drive with a new one, always remember to recover all your data from that. If you don’t know how to take backup and recover the data, you can take our expert help to do it properly.

Motherboard Failure of PC Hard Drive:

As the name suggests, motherboard houses all the components of the PC, including the hard drive. The hard drive is connected with printed circuitry. If printed circuitry gets damaged, it will not be able to send instructions to the hard drive, making it inaccessible. Sometimes, motherboard firmware issues can also develop such issues. We can resolve such issues with ease and will recover your data in time.

Master and Slave Drive Issues in PC Hard Drive:

Normally, there are two sub drives in a hard drive, i.e., Slave drive and Master drive. One helps in storing data, and one carries all the boot-up files. BIOS will choose the required drive while starting up. A tiny issue either in slave or master drive can lead to boot loop. Using BIOS setup, you can solve this but make sure that you have sufficient Knowledge of BIOS setup. If not, then contact us to get guidance for BIOS Setup.

Hard Drive and Device Firmware Errors in PC:

Firmware helps the PC and its hard drive to run properly. When you buy a hard drive, the manufacturer will provide you with the firmware. Firmware needs to be regularly updated. Well, sometimes the update can corrupt the firmware and then the hard drive. To resolve such firmware issues as soon as possible, you can ask for our expert help anytime.

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