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USB Stick Data Recovery

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We have 15 years of extensive experience in the data recovery job and can recover your lost important data from USB sticks. Our experts can assist you in the recovery of your data that might otherwise be considered lost.
USB Stick Recovery

Software Fault £149

2-3 Days

Mechanical Fault£199

2-3 Days

Critical Service £495

1 Day

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USB Stick Degradation:

Through time, the USB stick will start to degrade and will lose its ability to store the data. The degradation generally occurs if the USB stick has been used for a long time. Accidental collision can also affect the performance of the USB memory stick. Then you will not be able to store your data. Here, you can call us to recover your data without corrupting the data.

Break Down of US Stick due to Physical Damage:

You can use the USB stick with a device and can carry it with you anywhere you want. While carrying it here and there, you may knock and drop it down. Excess of these actions can damage the USB memory stick. If you found your memory card dead and it has important data then call us to get your data recovered in time.

Deletion of USB Stick Accidentally:

These are the most common problems you can face in your daily life. You can erase or delete your data from USB stick mistakenly. In the market, you will get enough software to recover the data. But you will not get 100% result. So, if you have accidentally deleted your data from USB stick and now want those data back, you can take our help for this. You will recover all your data without damaging it.

PCs and Laptops Not Recognizing USB Stick:

If the firmware of USB stick gets corrupted, it can affect its file allocation table. The reason behind this can be the heavy use of the USB stick. After that PCs or laptops will not be able to recognize it. If you have the same issue, and then contact us, and we will recover that data those you need to recover.

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