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Camera Data Recovery


I have been using a Sandisk 8gb camera memory card for a Canon camera. This is SDHC compatible, as I have checked before buying. The memory seemed large enough to hold a lot of photographs, and so this is the first time that I have tried to extract photographs from it, after about a month of use. The card is visible in the camera, and also on the computer when I boot them up together, but I am not able to do anything with the files which are visible. I can open up the memory card folder in My Computer, and look at the files, with the correct names visible. However, as soon as I click on one of the files, the card will crash, and I will have to reboot the computer. This has now happened several times, and I have not been able to recover the photographs at all. Each time I try to open them onto the computer, the system crashes. The computer has not disconnected from the card, because I can see that when I reboot and go back into My Computer, but there seems to be some problem which is preventing me from getting my data out of the file.


I have recently purchased a Sandisk 32GB digital camera memory card, and formatted it using the techniques described by the maker. However, I am now not able to extract the photographs from the card reader and am struggling to get the computer to recognise the card regardless of what I am using. In addition, the camera, after those first few pictures, has also stopped working. I have been able to take a few photographs on the card, but they appear to be stuck on the card with no way of extracting the data. I know that when I took the card out of the camera, it was extremely hot, and if was after this that both the computer and the camera stopped recognising it. I am not so worried about the fact that the card might not be usable again, as I am concerned about getting back the few photographs which are on there. I have already tried some data extraction programs, and these have failed, but I am still anxious to find a way to extract the data on the card.