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RAID 5 Data Recovery


I have been trying to clone my Dell server which has a RAID 5 array connected to it. I want to do some work on the server, as it repeatedly says that it has lost data, and I need to make a clone of the drives in the server in order to do this. I used Symantec Ghost to create the image, but the clone will not repeat never seems to complete the process. What is happening is that the program starts making the image, and then stops after about 5 minutes, and just hangs there. It will not respond to any instruction from the computer, and in the end I just shut the process down. I have to be able to make this clone in order to recover the data which is on the drives, and I don’t know what else to do. The server is reporting some bad sectors, but I don’t think this should stop the system from creating a clone.


I need expert assistance with a RAID 5 array with an ASUS RAID controller. The array keeps falling out of synch with the controller, and this is happening often when I am trying to save data to the file. I am not able to save the data as I wanted, and this sometimes means that I lose data, or it is placed in the wrong file. I am desperate to recover the data which has been lost, and so I tried to fix the array problem by moving the disks, replacing one of them to try and solve the problem. Now the array thinks that some of the drives are not there, when they are. Some are appearing as missing when they are clearly connected to the array. The raid array keeps demanding a rebuild of the entire array, which would mean all my data would be lost. I have repeatedly tested the drives, and the programs think that the drives themselves are fine.