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RAID Server Repair


I have an external hard drive array which is connected to a Dell PowerEdge server. There are two drives in the system, and it is connected to the computer through a RAID system, either 1 or 0. The problem is that one of the drives seems to have become uninitialized, and I am getting a notice which says ‘please format’, from the other drive. If the disks have been set up according to the RAID 0 configuration, then I know that there will be problems getting the data off of the files, because one of them has failed, I think. I am wondering if I might have displaced the drives when I moved them from the original enclosure to the server setting, and that I may have accidentally displaced the configuration. This could cause a reaction similar to the one that I am currently seeing. I need to rebuild the RAID system in order to view the data, which is essential to me. I need this data, and I am prepared to pay a raid data recovery specialist to recover the data for us.


I have problems with an Microsoft server running small business server 2003 array which has a failed drive. There are 4 hard drives in the array, all of them operating RAID software. I was recently having problems with one of the drives, and eventually the RAID stopped working altogether. I am getting a message saying that there is a failed redundancy in the array. The server is constantly trying to rebuild one of the drives, but fails each time. I have tried to back up as much of the data as possible, but I have not been able to recover everything, and I have a problem in that the data on the drive is quite essential, and I can’t afford to lose any of it. I eventually removed the drives to another array, where they are all showing as good bar one drive, where the speed is much slower. None of the drives show an error. I don’t know what the problem with the array is, and as I have checked everything. Can you recover the important data from the drives?