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Retrieve Data From A Lenovo Desktop PC


I had to reinstall the Windows XP on my Lenovo J Series, as it had a number of lockups which I was told would be virus related. I reinstalled the XP onto the hard drive, and then loaded up the data which I had saved onto a USB. Since that time, I have had a lot of trouble accessing any part of the desktop, including drives and devices which have been given ‘error’ statuses by the Device Manager. These include items such as the Video Controller, the PCI communications controller, and the PCI device. There are also another two devices which are listed as Unknown. The problem is that a lot of the data which I saved onto the drive was video related, and a lot of the drives which are faulty are connected to graphics and video display. This means that the data is not viewable at the moment, and lots of the files are labelled as ‘unknown’, rather than being given a video name. I need to take the videos back off of the drive in order to save them, but I can’t get the unknown files to load onto the USB.

LENOVO 3000 J:

I have a Lenovo 3000 J computer which won’t boot up. I have been having some trouble with if for a while, particularly with occasional failures in the Vista OS. After each failure, the system would try to run a recovery, say that it had succeeded, and carry on as usual. There was no problem apart from these failures. However, since then I have started to suffer from Blue Screens, each containing a number of error messages. I could restart the computer, and boot into Safe Mode, but I can’t extract data from the computer when I am in there, as it won’t copy to USB ports. I don’t want to install Vista just now, as I need to be able to get the data out of the drive first.