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Recover Lost Files with Computer Data Recovery


I use a Windows 7 PC as a gaming machine, and recently I had a problem with the monitor which could not display properly. I was told that the best solution to this would be to reset the CMOS system, which immediately helped me to restore vision as far as the BIOS screen. However, when I get past that screen, I am now getting a message which says ‘Missing Operating System’. I tried to restart it by doing a second CMOS reset, and then looked in BIOS again. I thought that perhaps the Boot order had been changed, which would mean that the hard drive was not being searched. This was not the problem, and I now can’t get into the Windows screen at all. I have many hours of gaming stored on the computer, and I don’t want to let it go. I don’t know why changing the CMOS reset like this would affect the hard drive, but I clearly need to recover the data from the HDD.


I have a desktop computer with two copies of Windows XP, each running on a separate hard drive. I don’t really need to have two completely separate systems, so I tried to delete one of them. However, when I exited Boot Loader after giving the delete partition order, I got a message saying that there had been a time out. I searched My Computer after this, and I can see the two operating systems, but they appear to be split over a single hard drive in a RAID 0 configuration. I don’t want to go any further into the delete, since I realise that this could cause problems with the RAID 0, but I know that already my attempted deletion has caused problems. I can’t find some of the data which should be on one of the systems.