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Recovering Data from a Toshiba Laptop


I have a Toshiba Tecra laptop, and I am the sole user of this laptop. My profile is the only profile, and I have been using the Administrator account for as long as I have had the system. I recently encountered a problem with the hard drive which meant that it kept reporting ‘bad sectors’ whenever I tried to open up files. I downloaded a recovery program form the internet, ran it and then rebooted, as the program asked me to do. This all seemed to go well, and I was expecting files to be recovered when I clicked on the hard drive link. However, this is not what has happened at all. Instead, the system has had some kind of breakdown, and is instead saying that I am not able to open the hard drive, or make any kind of changes to the system, because I ‘do not have administrator rights’. I tried to put Vista onto the PC in order to give it a new lease of life, and the partitioned drive again sent me back a message saying ‘don’t have administrator rights’.


I have been struggling to get a Toshiba laptop working again after trying to repair it through Windows. What was happening was that the computer was lagging behind, and often took 15 minutes to boot up to the point where I could use it. It did not respond to commands for about 5 minutes after I could see the OS screen, so I thought that I should try a quick fix while I was still able. I got a message to say that the hard drive needed to be repaired, and this would take several hours. I decided to let it run overnight, when I did not need the laptop for work. However, when I came down in the morning, the laptop was turned off. Booting it up, the system says that I have no boot media. I took out the hard drive, and tried it in another enclosure, connected to my desktop. The hard drive is not recognised by the Windows system, I am not able to find it in My Computer or in Drive Manager. There is a buzzing sound, less like a hum and more like a wasp or insect.