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What To Do When Your Macbook Pro Fails


I have a Macbook Pro MB766LL which is displaying some strange dotted pixels when I come to use the operating system. What happens is that I get these dots moving up and down the screen, almost as though they are acting like Snow. There are several hundred of these things, and they are still there even after several restarts. The main problem, apart from them being so annoying, is that I cannot read data on the hard drive because these dots are everywhere. I can see them on the browser, and I can see them when I just have the background screen. I am concerned that it might be some kind of virus, or that it is an odd holiday theme which has not worked, or which has been corrupted. As I am not able to get into the data, I need a laptop specialist to recover the data from it for me.


I am trying to get a hard drive from a Macbook Pro 2009 to work after it has been splashed with tea. I was using it at work, and left it unattended, and when I came back, there was liquid all around the keyboard and the back of the laptop. No-one will admit to doing it, but I suspect that tea was the liquid involved. I opened up the Mac, and there was no liquid to be seen near to the hard drive. I have tried to connect it to an external case in order to read the data, and to run a recovery device. I have tried to boot it up, but it just will not turn on, no matter what happens. The Macbook itself is long dead, having been turned off when I came back to the office. I tried to keep the hard drive as dry as possible, so I am wondering if it could have been affected by a power surge from the motherboard, or that the PCB has been fried.