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Recover Lost Asus Laptop Data


I have an Asus X501A which has started to fail. I had an update to the Windows OS, and then it restarted automatically. After that happened, rather than going into the Windows Loading screen, I got the BSOD. I have tried restarting the system a couple of times now, with the same result. I have also tried to get the system into Safe Mode and Last Known Good Config. Neither of these attempts have been successful. I then decided that I would have to take out the hard drive, which is a Seagate, and connect it externally to the desktop I have. I got an error message asking me to format the disk prior to using. I have also tried on another laptop, with the same result. The external hard drive enclosure will not show up in Computer Management while the laptop’s hard drive is in it.


I am using a new external hard drive with my Asus laptop. The internal hard drive is having some problems, and so I want to transfer all of my data into the new external drive. However, I am experiencing problems with it, in that the drive will spin down after only a few seconds of use, and it will not access the data which I already have stored on it, and then it spins up again, as usual, when Windows is trying to read something on the laptop. I don’t know what the drive is doing exactly, as there are no beeps and no errors. I have also noticed at the moment that it was set at the lowest APM capacity, only being 1. I tried to change this, thinking that might be the problem, but the hard drive tools won’t let me do it. I have used external hard drives of the same make before and not had this problem.