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Client Communication Regarding Maxtor Hard Disk Problems

Maxtor One Touch III 320 GB
I have an old Maxtor One Touch III 320 GB running on a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit system. It is filled with old data that I no longer use but need all the same. It came from an old computer that crashed long ago. I tried to access the data partition on the drive and can see none of the data. I have gone into disk management in Windows 7 and the partition is showing as not formatted. I have run data recovery software against the drive but it has not recover the data.

Maxtor 1 TB External Hard Drive
I am having a bit of a trouble with my Maxtor 1 TB External Hard Drive, which started the day that the hard drive fell on its side. Since that time, it will no longer turn on when plugged in and all I hear is a whirring sound inside. I believe this means that something must have broke off inside. When I plug the hard drive to my machine, it can no longer be detected. I don’t have any backup of the data I have stored in it, which makes me reluctant to bring it to Maxtor because I know they will just be replacing it with a new one. I have lots of important files stored in it and I need to get them before I have it replaced with a new one.