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Client Communication Regarding IBM Hard Disk Problems

IBM ThinkCentre Hard Drive
My IBM ThinkCentre failed. It has a bios password when I boot the computer which I type in as normal but it is only booting up and giving me options such as safe mode and last known configuration. I have tried all the various options but it still will not boot and I get a blue screen. The IBM Think Centres LMC 8172 just will not boot up so I tried the restore CD on the laptop to fix the problem. Just fixed the problem and I can now log into system but all my data is gone. Can the data be recovered from the HDD?

IBM Intellistation Z Pro Type 6221 Hard Drive Size support
I will be leaving for the university in a few months and I will be bringing my updated desktop PC with me. I will leave my old computer with my folks. They don’t use much from it, only web browsing and document creation so I believe it will serve them well even without upgrading it. The old PC has 2.8GHz dual-core processor and 2GB of RAM so I guess that’s good for Chrome and MS Word. My only worry is that it contains 40GB of storage and won’t allow me to copy the contents of ‘My Documents’ and ‘Desktop’ folders. There is 20GB of data in those two folders, every time I try to copy data it simply times out.