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Client Communication Regarding Hitachi Hard Disk Problems

Hitachi IDE/ATA Hard Drive
I have an Hitachi IDE/ATA hard drive. My hard drive came with a Dell Dimension 1100 desktop computer. When I received the hard drive, I checked its jumper settings but unfortunately some of the diagrams were unreadable and I cannot figure out what these are. These diagrams include the settings of 2 to 3 jumpers using horizontal and vertical settings on a 9-pin socket. I am not familiar with this since what I have seen before uses 8 pins only. I set it to master and all was okay and I could use the hard drive. 9 months later I started having problems, the hard drive would not boot up and would not go past the bios screen. I thought I might have set the jumpers incorrectly so I reset the jumper pins to their original position for a master drive on one IDE connector from the board. I have tried searching online but I haven’t found anything relevant to my problem. I also tried calling Dell and Hitachi but they have said that the hard drive has failed and to contact a data recovery company. My Dell Dimension 1100 PC will simply not boot up. Can you recover the data for me please?

Hitachi SimpleDrive 1TB Turbo USB 2.0 External Hard Drive
I have a Hitachi SimpleDrive Turbo External Hard Drive that’s been doing great for more than a year until fairly recently. Just a few months ago I started noticing that my laptop computer doesn’t recognise the hard drive anymore. What I can say is that the hard drive seems to be working, since it spins up and its light flashes which means it is powered on and connected to the computer. According to the device manager, the hard drive is connected and running properly. So hopefully the drive is still working fine. The problem is that the drive does not show up as one of the devices connected to my computer. The hard drive basically does not appear in my computer. In my attempt to troubleshoot, I plugged the USB cord in the other ports, but nothing happened. I also used a brand new USB cable to connect the hard drive, but it didn’t solve the problem. An old laptop recognised the hard drive as a usb connection but would not access the data.