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Client Communication Regarding Hard Disk Problems

Hello there. I have a question. I’m running a home network with a Buffalo Linkstation Duo 4TB attached so that my wife and I can store our work (both personal and professional) away from our computers in case of a network. It came bundled with something called NovoBackup which I have to be honest we didn’t use because neither of us really understood what it did. Ashamedly I thought just saving everything to the Linkstation – which is running in RAID 0 – would do the job just fine and it has been for a while now. My problem is this I have the Linkstation set to ‘wake up’ when a computer on the network is switched on. Now though when it comes out of ‘wake up’ mode it does nothing other than flash a lot of lights on the front panel and then beep. I’ve checked various sites etc and the general consensus seem to be that there is a problem with one of the drives. I’m using one as the main drive and the other as a mirror. Now we have a situation where everything my wife and I have saved is confined to the Linkstation and we are working blind. Can the drives be reconstituted or can we at least pull the information from them before replacing them?

Using a Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB drive in my Windows Vista PC. It’s been running a treat for some time but lately the machine seems to be restarting itself after a while. When it restarts the screen goes black and I get a message saying ‘hard drive failure imminent’. I’m using Vista Home Premium with nothing fancy on the computer in terms of software or hardware. The drive itself is only a few months old and the best I can get from the manufacturer is that they will replace the drive. The point is the drive isn’t the important bit. It’s the information on it and they can’t guarantee that they can save the disc or the information on it. So I need to find a while of getting all my information off the computer before the hard drive goes completely. When I switch it on now it is still booting up but the ‘hard drive failure imminent’ message is becoming more frequent. Help me.