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Netgear Data Recovery


Can anyone help me with a Netgear Readynas external hard drive, which has lost data? I have been using the drive for some time, using the XRAID system. Although it worked well to start with, I am now getting messages which say that disk 1 has an error, and that disk 2 has an error! This means, effectively, that my computer won’t allow me to view the data. However, I can see it, when I search through Disk Manager. The folders look to be relatively complete, so I don’t think that there is much corruption to be worried about. However, when I have tried to open up the data, I can’t get into the folders to read any of the files. I have tried to talk to Netgear tech support about it, but they have been very unhelpful, and would not help me extract my data.


I have a problem with a Netgear Readynas, a very basic disk which has 1TB of memory. However, I am not able to read any of the information available on the disk. I had had some problems with the external hard drive, but did not think that they were as serious as this. As I need this data, I tried to remove the disk from the box, and update it using Disk Management, as it was a basic disk and the computer would not be able to read it. The DMU gave me some information, and I followed the steps and thought that that would be ok. I also took some advice from the internet about the best way to recover my data from the disk. On looking at the disk properties after the conversion, everything seemed to be fine. There were still the 4 250gb partitions, and I could see the drives on Windows. However, when I tried to open the folders, I received an error message saying that I had to format the files first. I chose not to do this, but when I reverted to a basic disk which the Netgear could use, I received all the information in one big partition. Can you recover my original files.