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LaCie Data Recovery


I am using a Lacie Stark which was plugged in when my Mac had a power failure. It has been in use for more than a year, and there is lots of data on it, but there seems to be no chance of recovering the drive. When I plug it into the Mac and turn it on, there is nothing. I took the drive out of the enclosure, and found that it was extremely warm to the touch, and that there was a smell of burning plastic, both to the drive itself, and to the USB power cord. I tried another adapter with SATA, but can get no spinning, and the only response is really a high whining noise. There is no clicking, no whirring, just this grating pitch. I think that the data is probably still in the drive, it is just not responding because some electronic part has been shorted.


I was using a Lacie external hard drive on my system, and everything seemed fine until I wanted to stop it, and transfer it to another PC. The disk stopped spinning in the box before I had disconnected it, and prior to setting up the connection to the other. However, there is now no response from the device. It seemed warm to the touch when I removed the USB from the port, but not overly hot considering that it had been working for a while. Nothing else seems to have happened. I am satisfied that the USB connection is working properly, and that the power cord is the correct voltage. I used a Voltmeter to test the power, and the cord is fine, but the pins which hold the cord in place do not seem to be passing the voltage to the hard drive. I think, therefore, that the reason why I have no response is that the drive has shorted out. I wonder perhaps if it is something to do with the ROM, I think I have heard of similar cases.