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Iomega Data Recovery Services


I use an Iomega 500GB hard drive which has encrypted software included. Recently, I suffered a virus attack on the computer which caused me to close everything down. After the attack, I had to reinstall my desktop and reformat it. The Iomega external drive was working fine before the attack occurred, but now I am having trouble accessing the files on the external drive. When I connect to the Iomega to my computer, I can see the icon which shows that they are connected together, but when I click on it, in order to enter my password, the icon will not open. The problem seems to be that, when I encrypted the software before, I created an account which is only accessible for that computer. I cannot now use by newly reinstalled Windows account to open up that software in order to access the password. This may be because I changed the accounts when I reinstalled it, or it may be some side-effect of the virus being blocked by the encryption software.


My Iomega Prestige external hard drive is now about 4 years old, and I am having some problems the drive. For the last few months, I have had to turn off the Iomega, and then adjust the cord until my computer recognised that the drive was there. This was caused by the USB cable not fitting into the port securely. More recently, however, there have been more developments, with the computer failing to recognise the external HD regardless of what I tried. There is no icon in the disk management utility, or on the desktop. Although the computer cannot see it, the hard drive is active, with lights and noises which indicate that it is going around as though it is being read. I cannot read files which I need for work, and when I asked friends for advice, they suggested that I need to replace a port chip inside the computer, I need some a specialist data recovery company to sort this issue out for me as I have important database files on the Iomega External Drive.