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Resolve Issues With Your D-Link Network Attached Storage


I have been using a D-Link ShareCenter for a while now, but have been having problems getting access through the portable devices I have, or through the internet. I have a MYdlink website, which cannot be used to talk to the StorageCenter at all. I have tried again and again to upload files to the NAS, and it has meat with no success. The process starts well enough, but after a few seconds, with perhaps 10% of the file uploaded, it stalls, and then goes back to the MYdlink webpage, with no comment, or any suggestion that there might be an error. It has never uploaded a file in all the time that I have had it, and this is a serious problem as my NAS DLink system failed this morning and I have no backup. I took the system to a local PC shop thaqt could not do anything for me and passed on your company details. I really need the data back ASAP.


I have a D-Link ShareCenter DNS 345, with 4 drive bays. I had bought four drives for it, of 3TB each, and installed them into the drive. I configured them for a RAID5 set-up, using the Set-up wizard. I thought that it was all formatted and fine, so I started to move my files over to the NAS. All of the devices that I wanted to connect to the network could see the ShareCenter, and it could see all of them, therefore, I started to stream the media through the device, and also write data directly to the NAS. After only a few days, there was a report by the NAS that the volume had been degraded, and out of nowhere, it crashed. I tried to call D-Link tech support, but they just told me to accept that my files were all gone. I then performed a SMART test, in order to check the drives. According to the test, all of the drives were healthy. I tried to restore my drives using recovery programs, but nothing would work. I don’t know what has happened to my files, or why the RAID system failed to save them, but now I need to get the data recovered.