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Buffalo Data Recovery


I am struggling to get a Buffalo Drivestation Turbo 500gb external hard drive working. I was able to save data into it until recently, and can still save small files. However, when I try to upload anything like a movie file or a recording, or a file which is larger than a few GB, I get a message saying that the file is “Too Large”, and that I have to cancel the copy process. Now, my Drivestation is not yet full, so there should be no problem there, but it seems as though it is not able to accept files which are more than 5gb in size. When I tried to copy a folder from my hard drive to my external drive, that was fine, although it had several very small files in it amounting to up to 10gb. However, single files cannot be moved. I have tried to think of ways around this which don’t mean cutting the files in half (as I can’t manage this for a movie), but have so far been unsuccessful.


I have been using a Buffalo Ministation with 1tb of memory. Recently, I dropped it, and now when I plug it into my laptop, there is no sign of the drive on the My Computer or Device Manager Utilities and the Buffalo. However, I can hear the machine when it is plugged in. It makes a ‘bing’ noise when the USB port is first attached to the side of the laptop, and it also spins the disks around inside the enclosure. This suggests to me that everything is going well. However, I can see that there is something off in the hard drive’s light. It still flashes when the light spins, but it does not seem to be the same kind of light flashing as previously. I have a lot of data on there, including a university assignment which I really need. It keeps giving me a message, asking me to use CHKDSK, but I always cancel this before it can start operation.