Case Study 3: HP Server Failed Rebuild

8 Disk raid 5 HP server with 2 hot spares. Data is used as a file server to store 2tb of business data for 100 staff in a factory. One day the server suddenly froze and needed to be rebooted manually. After the reboot the HP server will not boot up. Client went into the raid setup and found that one disk had failed. The hot spare should have kicked in but did not so client selected one of the hot spares and rebuilt the server. Once the rebuild completed 100% the server rebooted but would not start up. Client took the server to their IT Maintence company who service their server and desktop computers but they could not recover the data and recommended ourselves.

We got the 10 raid 5 disks in and diagnosed them. Since then another 2 disks have degraded for a total of 3 disks that had failed in the raid array. We completed a platter swap on the 3 damaged disks and processed the raid system within 48 hours.

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