Case Study 2: Failed Rebuild on a Buffalo Linkstation

Client had been using Buffalo Linkstation for several years as the office file server. On one ocassion two years ago a disk needed replaced on the system but this was replaced and system rebuilt the data without any problems and has been working well ever since until today. Today the system was working fine in the morning but this afternoon the Buffalo Linkstation was not seen on our computer in reception. Normally we can view all the files and folders directly from this computer. The only thing we can see is the users tab and then a local users tab but nothing else in the user interface. Client tried everything to get the Buffalo Linkstation to get recognised but nothing worked.

We received in the Buffalo Linkstation NAS system and diagnosed that is was a Raid 5 four disk system with 4 x 750GB hard drives. Two of the hard drives had failed our smart tests. On further diagnostics the drives had a corrupted raid data set. It seemed there was a rebuild run on system before we received the Buffalo Linkstation in for recovery. We checked with owner and they admitted that they had run a rebuild but it failed after 2%. We imaged all disks and recoded and rebuilt the corrupted/rebuilt data parity. We then backed up the data onto a 4TB external hard drive for a full recovery.

* If you have had a failed Raid 5 Rebuild, contact us today as we have 15 years experience in recovering from failed rebuilds.