Case Study 1: iMac G4 Not Booting Up

Client had an iMac G4 that would not boot up. Instead of booting up to login screen the iMac would boot up and show a sad face, and then there was a big question mark with a grey folder beside it. The client tried to restart the iMac several times but still got the same sad face followed by the question mark. The client is an accountant and had 52 clients accounts on the system in excel and sage accounts format and thus needed the data recovered ASAP.

We received in hard drive and diagnosed that the hard drive had a electronic failure to the PCB (this is the electronic board on the back of the hard drive). We replaced this PCB with one that we had in stock (we have 20,000 parts in stock) and then updated the firmware code and imaged the hard drive. We then extracted the data from the hard drive and uploaded it to our download service as client needed the data ASAP. 100% of data recovered and all accounts related data was verified as recovered.

* If you have accounts on a Mac and need it recovered quickly please contact us for details of our critical data recovery service.