Toshiba Satellite


I have a Toshiba Satellite L75 which is running a Windows 8 OS. I tried to get the operating system to install some new updates, but instead it has frozen up on the OS and now will not go into the Windows desktop when I try to reboot it. I don’t want to do the upload again, but I do need some help getting access to my desktop so that I can extract some important photographs which only exist on the laptop. I asked some friends about this problem, and they all seem to think that the data is lost forever and I will have to reinstall Windows 8. I really want to be able to save the pictures, which have a sentimental value, and I would also like to be able to recover some other data which is also on there. This data recovery is very important to me, and I don’t want to lose these files and folders.


I have been using a Toshiba Satellite C55 for some months when I made the mistake of installing a driver update. The message looked official, but about half-way through the update, the computer wanted to do a reboot, and everything shut down. However, when it rebooted rather than going into the profile for Windows 8, it put up a blue screen. I can’t get around this screen, and it seems to be the Blue Screen of Death that I have heard about before. The problem is that I have documents on the laptop which are necessary for my home business. These documents are only in the laptop, and they are not available in paper or in other electronic forms. The documents have essential data about the business, and so I need them to function as a company.