Raid 5 Data Recovery


I have a RAID 5 array set up in a POPnet server, and am having trouble reading data from the array. The computer is issuing reports about a failed drive, and the array cannot be opened to view the files inside. I have tried to perform a replacement of the failed drive, but I am not able to get a response from the array after the rebuild. I did this rebuild after following some information from the manufacturers about how to reconstruct the drives, including getting a new hard drive of a similar make and model. I ran the rebuild program, but after it completed I was no longer able to see the data which I had already had on the drives. This means that I am not able to open important documents which are in the array, and in fact I can’t access anything which I have saved to the server in the past year.


I am using a NAS Fastora server with a Raid 5 array which is experiencing a few problems with opening the folders contained in the drives. These folders, and the files inside, contain important information saved to the array by network users all over the company, and these folders and documents need to be kept for business and taxation purposes. Since the beginning of the week, the NAS is just not booting up, and the computer screen shows a message saying ‘Checking System Quota’. This message normally hangs on the booting up screen for a few moments, but now it is just freezing on this, and I can’t get any further into the operating system. I assume that something is happening which has affected the system quota, whatever that is, and this is preventing the computer from opening my Raid 5 array and extracting the files.