iMac & Macbook Pro


I am having a lot of trouble organising an iPhoto collection which is on my iMac. I have a lot of photographs saved in iPhoto, which is the pictures file for the Mac. The problem is that I am not able to extract any more data from the iPhone to put into the iMac, and I also cannot open any of the other photographs which are already in place in iPhoto. I need to be able to save these photographs, which are part of a work project, into the folder in order to combine them with other pictures which form part of the project. However, when I try to open up the iPhoto folder in the Mac, I can’t get the folder to show any files. This means that I am not able to extract the data which is in the folder, and I can’t use it on the iMac. I have tried connecting the iPhone to other USB ports, to see if that was the problem, but the results are the same. Can you extract my files from the iMac so that I can use them for the project?


I have an older Macbook Pro, from either 2008 or early 2009. I was given it from the surplus of my university, and it has never been in good condition. I bought a new hard drive to replace the old one, and bought a video card. This worked for a while, and I saved some of my coursework to the drive so that I would have a safe place to keep it. However, when I turned on the computer last night, I am not able to boot up into the operating system. I can’t see anything on the screen, and although I hear the Start sound, and hear the fans operating, I can’t see any lights on the side, and I can’t feel the hard drive spinning. The power is working, as the fan goes around until it is shut down. The data is really important to me, as I don’t have time to write another essay on each course subject.