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Mac Recovery


I recently bought an iMac computer, and installed MS Office onto the system. I also put on other apps which I thought might be useful, and started adding data. I wrote a few documents for work, and added some tables and data sheets which would be needed soon. I then shut down the computer, and it closed normally. When I came to turn it on the next day, the computer put up a message saying that the operating system was being updated. It went through the start of this, and then suddenly froze. Not knowing what to do, I let it hang for a while, and then it became clear to me that it was completely frozen. I restarted the system, but when it booted up again, it went into the OS and again said that updates were needed. It has now done this four times in a row. I can’t access any data behind this update screen, and it never gets any further into the update than 20%. I also seem to have lost some of the apps that I installed previously. I am concerned that the computer has somehow reset itself. The most important issue is this data that I had saved to the computer the night before.


I recently bought a brand new iMac, but I am having problems downloading data from emails. When I try to get a document from an email attachment, the computer loses internet connection. The attachment can’t be downloaded, which means that I am not able to save information from colleagues or from family. In addition to this, when I try to upload data to an email, the computer will again lose internet connection. This is preventing me from extracting data from my files and folders, and sending them to clients, to other employees in my company, or to others. The computer will spend a long time extracting the document, with a circular wheel spinning in the middle of the screen, but will eventually ‘timeout’, so that the download or upload is abandoned. I don’t know what I can do to solve this problem, as I need to be able to transfer data onto emails so that people know what I am discussing, and can view the same information as myself. Can you help me to recover the data on those emails.