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Recover Data From Synology Network Attached Storage


I am using a Synology DiskStation NAS, but I am having a problem getting access through the Network. I have a lot of data saved on that device, the whole family is using it as their data backup, so I can’t just simply flip a switch and reset it. Now, when I put the drive into the computer, it is not being recognised, I assume because there is some operating system which is not working. Is there some way that I could get access to the data from my Synology NAS, and perhaps save it onto one of the computers, without damaging the data or causing more problems with the NAS? As the latter is not responding to being connected to the computer, and is giving me an error which essentially says that access is denied, I am a bit stuck. The whole family are worried that they are going to lose data that is important to them, and while it should have been saved to another external drive, a couple of members of the family haven’t done that.


I recently replaced my old wireless router with a new version. The old router would create annexed clients for wireless on the same location as the wired network. However, the new router does not do this, instead building an entirely separate network for the wireless clients. This seems to mean that I have lost a lot of connections to data within my Synology NAS hard drive. I use this to work from home, and with 2 different networks, I am having trouble finding information, including from the Synology NAS. This is now on a 14 wired network, while the router is creating 15 wireless networks for non-wired items. The laptop can only view the 15 wireless clients, and not the Synology. I use the NAS to store data which is related to my work, and so it is quite important. Most of the work which is stored there is finished with, but I need it for tax purposes, and for future reference. Can you recover the missing files?